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Tori Wallace, lawyer


Born and raised in London, Ontario, Tori's practice focuses on defending health professionals in civil actions and advising insurers in coverage disputes. 

Tori enjoys defending health professionals with a focus on protecting their professional reputations.  She works closely with her clients and experts to achieve the best possible results. 


She also defends insured individuals in personal injury and property damage actions, as well as acting for insurers in subrogation matters. She has experience handling cases at all levels of courts in Ontario.

Tori caught a case of travel fever at a young age when her family visited Australia.  She enjoyed the experience so much that she returned to Australia to attend law school where she

graduated with honours from Bond University in 2009.   When she wasn’t studying at the law library or competing in oral advocacy competitions she was surfing, playing squash, or spending time with her dog, Matilda.  

Tori is also proud to have been the first associate hired by Wallace Smith LLP with a full head of hair (breaking the bald hiring streak that preceded her).  She is also a huge fan of the TV show, "Arrested Development", but you can be sure that her advocacy skills far exceed those of Barry Zuckercorn and Bob Loblaw.   

On parental leave

Legal Assistant: Kristi Phillips

Phone: 519.645.1999 ext. 240

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